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DSC Moto, is known by pro racing and the novice off road rider to do all there motorcycle parts purchasing to oem dirt bike repair needs to pro rider safety equipment. DSC supplies trail riders, mini dirt bikes, dirt mountain, sand dune, freestyle, to pro mx riders. We are always seeking out the best quality products and brands for our loyal customers and future ones.

Welcome to DSC MOTO! Your Dirt Bike Source.

Dirtbike plastics
Dirtbike Plastics
dirtbike shocks
Motocross Shocks
shock springs title=
Moto Shock Springs
suspension links
Suspension Links
Dirtbile swingarms
Dirtbike Swingarms
Hydration System
Camel Packs
Engine Gasket Kits
Engine Gasket Kits
dirtbike footpegs
FMX Skid Plates
FMX Skid Plates
Motocross Clutch Plates
Motocross Clutch Kits

Your dirt bike clutch fibers will give you early signs of wear. One easy check is you should have 1/8 to 1/4 inch of free play at the clutch lever. First pull the cable assembly away from the perch. Second pull in the lever and watch the gap between the lever and the perch as it returns to the rest position. Do the same with on the fly quick-adjust and reset the free play after you asset the wear clearance.

Dirt Bike Sprockets
Dirt Bike Sprockets

How to increase your top end speed (go faster)!. To do this you will want to go up on the rear sprocket 3 to 4 tooth size, and then go 1 tooth size down on the front. You can also do the reverse of the option given and go with up one size on the front and go down on the rear sprocket 3-4 sizes. You basically you are looking at for every one up or down on the front sprocket you do the opposite 3-4 on the rear to accomplish more torque.

Dirt Bike Chains
Dirt Bike Chains

Maintenance:  Maintain or start pushing! It's always good to change your oil every 3rd ride or 6 hours of riding. For oil filter every second oil change. Flush radiator coolant once a year or 50-60 hours. Be assure we carry the best servicing products for you. Our stock line includes brands like maxima castor, ngk , motorex, bel ray, silkolene, k&n, pj1 and repsol.

OEM Parts:  We offer a large selection of OEM replacement parts as in engine gasket kit, crank bearings, caliper rebuild kit, O-ring chain, and brake pads in for the following motorcycles; Honda, KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

Tires:  We carry brand name hard terrain, enduro, dual sport and super motard tires from maxxis, bridgestone, kenda, and dunlop. We can ship all sizes of front and rear tires, heavy duty inner rubber tubes, even tire removal and stallation tools right to your front door.

Protection gear -MSR: barrier and under roost, chest protector. EVS: Flux body armor, revolt. Answers: Knee guards Shin guards. EVS: sx02 knee brace, knee with shin guards. We carry OEM parts for your Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Suzuki, and Kawasaki motor cross bikes. Replacement steel valves and springs, Wesco connecting rods, wisco complete bottom end rebuild kit. Includes crank shaft, main bearing, bottom end gasket set. Main bearing replacement connecting rod, complete set of oem crank shaft seals crank shaft seals and bearings for 2 stroke dirt bikes.

skid plates
Supercross Connecting Rod

Checking for a bad connecting rod, you will check for end play, the motion to check is an up and down motion. From inside case rest connection rod in the middle and with forward and back motion you should have no play when applying this motion by hand. If you have end play and do not replace it at this time, it will run but it will give way in time and will cause catastrophic damage to engine.

Your connecting rod on a 2 cycle dirt bike, is lubricated from the oil mixed with gas.

We also have you covered in MX hand guards, full body plastic kit, front end fenders, number plates, head lights, seats, disc covers, intake shrouds, from great brands as in: UFO, Acerbis, renthal, Cycra, and Fastway.

For the following dirtbike models and years:
Honda: XR50, ZX50, NSR50, XR70, CRF70f, CR80, CR80r, CR80f, CR125r, CRF150f, CRF150r, XR200, CRF230f, XR250, TRX250r, CR250r, TSR250. Kawasaki: KX60, KX65, KX80g, KX80l2, KX85, KX100b, KLX110, KX125, KDX200, KDX220, KDX250, ex250, KX250. KTM: 50, 50SX, 65SX, 105SX, 125EGS, 125EXC, 125MX, 125MXC, 125SX9, 125DXC, 200MXC, 200SX, 200EXC, 250DXC, 250EGX, 250EXC, 250MX, 250MXC, 250SX, 250SXf, 250XCF, 300EXC, 300MX, 300SX, 300TXC, 400EXC, 400SX, 400XC, 440EXC, 450SX. Suzuki: RM60, RM65, RM80, RM85, RM100, DRZ110, DRZ125, RM125, LT250, RMZ250, RMX250, DRZ400, LTZ400, gsf400, RMZ450. Yamaha: TTR50, YZ80, YZ85, TTR90, YZ125, TT250r, TZ250, YZ250, WR250, YZ400, YZ436, YZ450f.

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