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2001-2007 Yamaha YZ250 Moto Black Brake And Clutch Levers

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Product:   2001-2007 Yamaha YZ250 Moto Black Brake And Clutch Levers
Description:   Dirt bike clutch and brake lever Installation is very simple, just follow these steps.
Pull back the rubber clutch lever cover on the handlebars of the dirt bike. Pull up the cable slightly.
Loosen the tightening bolts on the brake and clutch cable, using your fingers, until it becomes very loose.
Use a standard wrench to remove the mounting bolts and nuts securing old brake and clutch lever. Set this bolts and nuts aside.
Pull the old brake and clutch lever up and away from the handlebars. Pull the brake and clutch cable end out of its port and set the lever aside.
Place the brake and clutch cable end in the port of the new brake and clutch levers, and slide the new levers onto the mounting assembly.
Reattach and secure the mounting bolts and nuts.
Tighten the brake and clutch cable using the tightening bolt. Pull on the brake and clutch lever regularly while adjusting it, and get it to the desired tightness.
Put the rubber brake and clutch covers back in position by simply sliding it back down the cable and over the assembly.
Part:   TR-99-5496-TR-99-5503F
Make:   YAMAHA
Model:   YZ250
Finish:   BLACK
Years:   2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Price:   $150.00





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